I am a fairy searching for sneakers in a bag that works…

At bedtime tonight tucking the Muppets in, I was informed by the younger Muppet that I should just give her $4.

“Give you $4? For what?”

Well, apparently the ‘tooth fairy’ has been slacking she informs me. In the past four days, my daughter, has lost two teeth.

I sort of knew this. Oh, and not only that, but she informs me that there have been nights that her teeth have gone missing and no reward.

We all turn and look at the evil little dog with the grin. Some of the teeth were questionable.

That would be the ultimate dog trick. Teach the dog to take the tooth and leave some money. Maybe a subcontractor to the tooth fairy?

Seriously? That sweet flying lady who has to be everywhere at late, and I mean late hours, might need a night off once in awhile.

Then as I am saying goodnight to the boy after having read him the riot act earlier today that he needs to spend some time with his family, he informs me of a sneaker hunt.

The sneaker hunt infringes upon the designated family away time that I was hoping to get. Automatically I say no. Stick to my guns, drag my feet, teach them a lesson…but wait? He gives me more details on this ‘sneaker hunt.’  Apparently, John Geiger has posted on his twitter account that he will give hints the morning of where shoes might be and people can find them based on these hints.

Well, this sounds like…fun?

A chance to hang with my 14-year-old, do something that he finds fun, sounds fun to me, and feeds his never-ending passion?

I hope my liking this event does not make it ‘uncool.’

Middle child leaves on Sunday for her first ever sleep away camp. She  is way more excited then I ever thought. Packed her bags days ago. Hated the bag that I designated for her, was resourceful enough to borrow from a neighbor a ‘better’ bag that packs her stuff in a more organized manner.

Art work from the bag hater.

Art work from the bag hater.

How did this happen to me?

I am counting my stars, my wishes, my blessings.

I am a fairy searching for sneakers in a bag that works.

This works.




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