paint the talons blue…

This has been a girly week. The boy has been away at camp, so I am left to entertain, or be entertained by just the Muppets.

Today we went shopping for new dresses and shoes. They keep growing so dresses that should fit, cease to cover their behinds.

Call me crazy or old fashion, but if your outfit does not cover your behind, then you need to leave it behind!

Since the shoes were opened toes, pedicures were in order by yours truly.

Feet. Not my favorite thing. Other people’s feet or people touching my feet. A mother’s love knows no bounds, so touching their stinky feet I can manage.

Little one seems to think that the longer the toenail the more to paint? Really?! If she could take flight I would have warned the neighbors to put their small animals away!

Serious talons!

Middle one, and I can only assume it was her, got her hands on a sharpie again. Her humor being the most warped and stagnant time never sitting well with her, has a tendency to point out the obvious in humorous ways.

photo (68)

Which in turn cracks me up, because I can scare them and in my strict you’re in trouble voice say, “What is this!”, as I hold up the box. Their look of we did not do it and then the change of their facial expression to the realization that I am kidding is one of the reasons I signed on to have children.

Just love to mess with them.


Like today when I practically peed my pants with laughter after scaring the little one.

Seems that Milo the non-hunting cat has now invited the bullying mice to live in our kitchen. However, it is kind of the cat to let Hubby know in the morning that there is a guest in our kitchen. We know this whenever the cat is present and stares ever so intently at a wall, or under a sofa, or as in this morning, under the refrigerator.

So, having a bout of insomnia and playing Goldilocks last night trying to find a comfy place to sleep, I awake barely having slept, to the announcement that there is a mouse in the house. Have a nice day and hubby is out the door. He did set up the traps behind the fridge and then barricaded each side. One side he offered the mouse peanut butter, the other side cheese.

So what got me to pee my pants today aside from jumping on the trampoline? Little one was peering along the wall to see if there was a mouse in the trap, at which time was the prime opportunity for me to jump out and scream. This is turn caused her to jump and scream too.


Yes, I will be the first to admit how juvenile I am.

In case you are wondering, the mouse prefers cheese.

Yet, I think it would be easier to let little one keep her talons and capture them in a more humane way.




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