répondez, s’il vous plaît…

My fault.

Clearly my fault.

I ranted and raved about the demise of letter writing in one of my first ever blogs. I even made it one of my New Year Resolutions. To write more letters. To get more personal.

I complained about how impersonal the world is getting. How easy it is to just send a text, an email, a shout out on Facebook, even an Evite for a birthday party. Really? Just a sentiment over the internet?

What ever happened to the mail. Snail mail? Or just creating your own card? I mean, really? Who else knows just the right words to say for that special occasion better than you?

What was I thinking in just inviting my children in passing to a “folding party?”

I never once sent a personal or impersonal invitation. No paper or electronic invite. Just the simple words…”Come to my folding party.”

I mean seriously? How can I expect anything from my children if I don’t practice what I preach?

I must be getting senile in my old age? Not thinking about an invitation? Even just a short sentiment on my own letterhead.

Dear Child,

It would give me great pleasure if you would come to my folding party.

Even the youngest Muppet proclaimed she was never really invited to the folding party when I asked why no one came to my party.

“Oh, you were serious? I never got an invitation.” she said. “maybe if I had gotten an invite, I would have come.”

She said this as the other Muppet nodded her head in agreement.

The boy, as I dropped him and his friends off at a party, also claimed ignorant to my folding party. I even invited his friends.

Well, I guess a postponement is in order.

Rather then fold all of the clothes and risk my children missing any of the fun, I shall dedicate my time instead to writing my desires in a clear concise manner in a letter to my children. I feel bad that they missed the first party. They could have had clean clothes in their room by now instead of in hampers by the laundry room.

I really wish I had a bedazzler. My letter would be that much prettier.

Oh, and I am so happy they are calling for rain this whole week, pretty certain every one will be able to make my party.



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