bats in the belfry…

Monday mornings in the summer should not be stressful.

Monday. Summer. What’s stressful?

Throw in one little dog who is in heat, one big neutered dog who is fixed but still trying to get frisky with little dog, a cup of hot tea in a favorite ceramic cup, phone ringing, trying to get healthy Muppet to swim team, while pukey Muppet stays home, open front door to horny dog and neutered dog knocking scalding tea mug out of hand, breaking and spilling all over floor and me, now a completely irritated and stressed mother who promptly hangs up phone and screams obscenities loudly in head.

On the plus side, got healthy Muppet to swim team on time, even though I was a little tea soaked.

As for the weekend…victory is mine!

After a long weekend of crawling around on my hands and knees, sniffing like a hound dog, recruiting neighbors, and the Muppets sleep over party, we were able to centralize the rancid smell outdoors.

Okay, and yes I bribed the girls with an offer of $20, with a huge BUT. They had to produce dead animal. Sometimes I am so impressed with how clever I am prior to knowing what I am offering. So if you run into them and they are complaining that I reneged on my end…there was no dead body to be found!

Cha Ching! Keeping my $20.

I wonder how many of those girls are coming back for a sleep over?

When I said I centralized the smell, I did not mean I removed the said item causing smell. I waited for hubby to come home from his fishing trip. Did not want him to feel left out of all the weekend fun, nor question my sanity as to the smell. I wanted to show him the proof that I am not crazy, although I know it is being debated.

Not to beat a dead, whatever it was, but I will say this. I am convinced that something did die beneath the bushes outside my house.

What? I have no idea.

Probably Penelope’s little bunny friend. I know it was not Milo and his hunting, since the only thing he attempts to hunt is Norman Betta. But since middle Muppet bought me a new tank with a cover and another fish to live next door, Warren Betta, Milo can no longer drink the fish water or attempt to eat the fish.

for a decomposing something, it sure is funky looking!

for a decomposing something, it sure is funky looking!

Anyway, decomposition occurred, that I know, and since hubby removed whatever it was, I am able to open the windows again.

Now, the horny little dog and the neutered male dog…that is a story for another day.

Throw in the convalescing guinea pig still residing in my living room, one Muppet who went to a birthday party last night to get dropped off after having already puked in the birthday girl’s car, the boy finally coming home from his weekend excursion, 45 minutes filling out another job application, this one with scenarios and the what ifs: which is most likely, probably likely, or not likely, the car in the shop for the day…

I will use a dear friends expression for my state of mind…and that is I am most likely going “batshit crazy”!




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1 Response to bats in the belfry…

  1. franzlagu says:

    Are those loopy bones? Aliens on earth?

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