rose or a thorn…

I am, in case you have not realized from reading my blog…recently unemployed, yet still employed in a position of which does not offer a monetary value beneficial to myself or employers, but the benefits alone make up for the lack of pay.

Don’t get me wrong. Some days my employers suck.

They make my hair turn gray, my blood pressure rise, and they make me want to scream every obscenity that I am not supposed to say in front of a child.

They bring me to tears.

They bring me to giggles.

They melt my heart!

They melt my heart in a way that while my heart is melting it only stands to secure the gates and deepen the moat.

Around that moat I hope that I have taught them well. I hope they see the colorful garden that I wish I could have planted for them. The one that I wish I could grow every second, and every minute, of every day into every season, of each passing year.

The garden that I wish I was always the groundskeeper.

Don’t take that one rose!


Take the garden!

Plant the garden!

Be the rose among the thorns. Withstand the pain. People will remember the touch of the thorn, but they will always appreciate the true beauty of the rose.

And if your garden is wilting, or the rose holds too many thorns, and the petals begin to fall beneath your feet, and the rose begins to tremble, just remember roses look delicate in appearance, but they are hearty plants in the proper conditions.

Roses were meant to be enjoyed.

My garden is growing…roses and thorns, thorns and roses. But every night is a question of a rose or a thorn in a day, and you know what…the roses always… always roses, no matter what…they outweigh the thorns.

I wish unemployment were a rose, it has been a thorn, but yet it has given me time to appreciate and cultivate my garden.

Always roses.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet


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