do not hit the back button…

It’s easy to drink prune juice, or increase fiber, or even put a stint in the body whenever there is blockage. Not so easy when the mind is blocked. Believe me, a blocked mind can be painful.

Summer is upon us in this house.  All of my employers are off till the end of August. Wow! The end of August, it’s like an echo as I say that and I am standing on the edge of a canyon. The end of August, the end of August! Long time away, but it will be here before you know it. Time is flying.

I have officially been unemployed for a year. Unofficially, I never stopped working, just stopped getting a paycheck.

I miss the old days of finding a job. Waiting for the Sunday paper, circling the potentials in red. Monday would consist of doing some master sleuth work to try to find a contact person’s name at the company. Anything to personalize that cover letter, just getting a foot in the door!

Oh no, not today, as I say this after having sat in front of my computer for the last two hours filling out the same online application for one position.

Why two hours?

Well, even though I attached my resume, I still had to enter in all the data fields the places where I worked. The dates when I began, and when I left. The salary, the address, the phone numbers…everything, which when last I checked, are on my resume!

Not to mention, that even though the screen says do not hit the back button, the reality is we are programmed to hit the back button!

Know what happens every time you hit the back button? Yep, you have to start from scratch, from the very beginning trying to remember the exact day you started that very first job out of college way back in the 90’s!

There is no contact name, no personal touch, just a nameless, data entry field, which mocks you every time you hit the back button. Believe me I have a lot of names for the application process and none of them would get me the job!

Yikes! I seem to be on a little rampage. Sorry, sometimes a blocked mind can just release the first thoughts…the gas before the explosion. Again, bear in mind I am not in my right state of mind.

I am learning a lot during this time of reflection, otherwise known as unemployment. In this time I have come to appreciate the people that surround me inside my castle and outside.

You learn something new every day. Today it was not to hit the back button when filling out an application. I am going to pretend that is the fortune in my cookie today and try to apply it to unblocking my mind.

Seeds in the wind only fly forward.

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