have not a clue…

So, I am preoccupied with future endeavors, hence my lack of being here. I have officially given up my new years resolution of letter writing, so please, everyone, consider this your letter. I had another resolution, but I have already forgotten what that was?

In a brief run down of the inmates in the asylum…

Middle one’s frog died Friday before Easter. Then supposedly came back to life, only to really be dead the next day. A frog funeral, a trip to the store, enter two new frogs. One of the fish ate one of the frog’s legs, actually flipper? Thank goodness for 7 day warranties, as I took a dead frog in a plastic bag back to the store on the 6th day.Yes, we got another frog.


Little one is obsessed with learning the lyrics to DJ Easy Rock and Rob Base, ‘It takes Two.’  I wanna rock right now!

The boy has been MIA all weekend. Home today, still fascinated with sneakers.

The small annoying dog continues to get stuck in the groundhog hole.

Norman Betta continues to live with small amounts of water since the cat seems to be exceptionally thirsty.

A crime scene has occurred and a stinkbug was dead at the scene.

The fridge is becoming a meeting place, a water cooler collection place of sorts, quite possibly the family news center.

I am consumed with the geese at the park. Once there was six, now just five. Geese mate for life, so I am hoping the odd one out will find love again.

And the question that I am contemplating these days: Is creativity innate or learned?

Once again taking flight.


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