walk the dog…

It’s snowing and it is Spring break for my employers. They are cranky, demanding, and restless.

Little one is not feeling well, yet will not admit sick and gets mad at the other employees for calling her sick. She sounds like she is wearing a clothes hanger on her nose, constantly asking me to bless her prior to a sneeze in hopes it will go away, making faces as she sucks on a Halls cough drop, and complaining her ear hurts.

No, she is not sick.

Both Muppets wanted to bake today. One wanted a red velvet cake and the other chocolate chip cookies. We baked, they baked, I baked. That is how the baking went. They have tested their goods, and keep pestering for one more piece, one more cookie. The snow has stopped, the dogs are bored.

Walk a dog, get a cookie.

The boy is bored out of his mind! Most of his friends are away. Video game marathon. To me that is unacceptable.

Walk a dog, gain some video time.

Little one asked me if she walks three dogs, can she get three cookies?

I opened a bottle of wine. Little one informed me that I don’t get my glass of wine until I walk a dog? Clearly little one is sick!

These dogs might be walking all night.  Photo (41)

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One Response to walk the dog…

  1. Momma J says:

    Love this one!

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