Thank you friends…

Takes very little to turn my mood around, and today was an upward mood swing. See, I have been allowing myself to wallow in self pity and unemployment blues.

Today a friend of mine came and got me out of my house, the prison that I have been confining myself to, and took me on an adventure

The adventure consisted of finding Jesse Pinkman, or as he is really known, Aaron Paul, who happens to be in town filming a movie. Now, I have not gone completely crazy, I know the chances of my finding him and actually meeting him, perhaps even grabbing a drink with him are slim. It’s not like I took my headless baby mannequin with me, it was just nice to have a mindless adventure to get my mind motivated again.

Watching the filming, but no Aaron Paul in site?

Watching the filming, but no Aaron Paul in site?

Of course after that I ate a bucket of fries, not to mention the Oreo’s I had for breakfast which motivated me to run this evening. The past few days, well weeks if I am going to be honest, I have been having a conscious uncoupling with running.

So tonight I ran with Billy Joel, but I also invited Andrew Duhon. They both have great mellow stories to sing, and I was in a mellow running state of mind. Many people are familiar with my friend Billy Joel, unlike Andrew Duhon, who is a southern gem of a musician. We had a great run, the music was great, and I especially liked when Billy Joel sang “She’s Always a Woman,” and reminded me that I can’t be convicted, I have earned my degree.

Running up and down the hill, I met some new friends at the top of the hill.

Chillin on top of the hill with my new friends.

Chillin on top of the hill with my new friends.

I tried my best not to disturb their dinner by not running to the top of the hill. When I went to run back down, I realized one of my friends was following me. I stopped and tried to coax him towards me when the thought of ending up on a YouTube video being mauled by a deer became unappealing. Never the less, I smiled and enjoyed taking their photos.

More than anything, I needed today. I needed to be reminded that there are blue skies ahead.


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2 Responses to Thank you friends…

  1. Renee says:

    Who doesn’t like Billy Joel? I mean honestly who. Ah don’t matter they just don’t understand good music!

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