trying to stay one step ahead…

“Mom, can we bake cookies tonight?”

“Mom, can we have a sleepover this weekend?”

“Mom, can you drive me to the movies tomorrow?”

Constantly I am hearing my children yelling “Mom” from areas in the house. I have tried to ignore the call in attempts to teach them not to yell throughout the house. Sometimes it works, if they want something bad enough, they find me. Other times the neighbors hear me yelling.

There are questions upon questions, not to mention the demands. Demanding little buggers! They always want something. Sometimes I am multi-tasking when they are talking to me, and I accidentally tune them out when they are battering me with questions and demands. I see their lips moving, gesticulating hand gestures, the excitement they have with the plan that they have concocted, and the anticipation of a response upon their faces. Me? I am thinking about what’s for dinner. So, I respond with “We’ll see.”

For awhile the response placated them. They left me alone while I was left trying to remember what they wanted and figure out what to cook for dinner.

Yesterday I was busted. Little one was talking, asking for something and I replied, “We’ll see.”

That usually means NO!” she exclaimed.

Huh, what is the child talking about? I stopped what I was doing and asked her what she meant. At this point the other Muppet entered the room. To which they both proceeded to tell me that any time I say “We’ll see,” it usually means No.

Really? I had not realized that.  I thought I was just buying time.

Then I thought back to my childhood when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and remembered when I got that same response. I was equally frustrated with the  “We’ll see,” response and also thought that it meant no.

Imagine that?

I have turned into my parents, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I chuckle at the things that I do, that I am unaware I do, until my children kindly point it out.

I will try not to respond with “we’ll see”.

I think I will use another one of my father’s responses whenever I wanted something.

If they thought “We’ll see”, meant no, wait till I start using – “You want my long answer or my short answer?”

Let’s see how much time I can buy with that response to their demands.

2013-12-06 12.56.03

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