Come here Uncle Louie…

This morning at the bus stop my friend informed me she was concerned for my well-being. She had an image of me walking around the neighborhood pushing my stroller with my headless baby mannequin and my imaginary Billy Joel by my side.

That’s when I informed her my morning consisted of putting prescription desitin on the dog’s arse.

Yes, you heard me correct.

Not even my dog. Uncle Louie. My mom’s dog who has been at the dog sitter for the month while my mother complains about the heat in Florida. He is only visiting for the day, since he is sick and his dog sitter had things to do today. No worries, Mom, keep tanning.

There is no coincidence in Uncle Louie being named Louie. He was once my dog. However, my elephant pregnancy with the Muppets, he decided he had enough of us and moved in with my mother. I am fortunate enough to be the one putting desitin on his behind while he is convalescing at my house for the day.Photo (41)

Hubby is away, kids are off at school, and I really need to revisit my employment, or lack there of.

Did not oversleep this morning because I did not sleep. Was concerned that Uncle Louie was going to be sick all throughout my house. For some reason, whenever my husband goes away I get into power cleaning mode and this time was no exception.

I scrubbed the floors. Love a good clean floor.

See, need a job. Obsessing over clean floors. I guess my friend has reason to be concerned for my well-being.

Headless baby mannequin is now getting a dog mannequin, not headless. It’s not the head causing problems. Billy Joel will be walking them today.

I am thinking we should get a donkey.

Just another manic Monday.

2012-07-17 12.15.00

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3 Responses to Come here Uncle Louie…

  1. Ellen says:

    I am so happy to have you as a friend 🙂

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