Is it Monday yet?

Friday morning. I almost overslept.

Hubby is out-of-town so I go into full-blown panic mode about not waking up on time and children missing the school buses. I end up barely sleeping, waking each hour, until finally falling into deep sleep as the alarm clock is going off. Roll over, think I hit snooze, only to wake the next hour realizing we have overslept!

Amazing how fast kids move when you run through the house screaming. The downfall is it sets the tone for the morning.

The boy moved quick, showered, ate, and out the door as I drive the first run to the bus. Let me mention, the bus is at the end of our block. I just have lazy kids. To be fair, it was raining, and it is Friday. They need to get on that bus!

I come back and the Muppets are having a spat of some sort. I figured I would just stay out of it and let them work it out on their own. Must have been something big that they were arguing about. Middle child scratched little one’s name off the Valentine’s Day card that they had purchased together for their dad. Mind you, hubby had already received the card. Well, that just ignited the fire, causing me to jump in, telling them to get in the car and go to school.

We sat at the bus stop in silence for an extra 10 minutes.

Note, next time I get involved in one of the Muppets morning spats, check the time first! Reminds me of a bumper sticker I once saw, “Silence is golden, duct tape is silver.”

This is not how I remember Friday’s being when I worked!

These type of mornings are causing my editor to start drinking and extra protection needed for Norman Betta!

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