If you are living in only memories, then you are not living. If you take the memories, live each day in smiles and joy, then you are lucky to have those memories to keep you warm.

I realized something the other day, it’s the collection of people in all facets of life that can piece your memories. Things that might be buried, or forgotten, in one moment, can be remembered.

Sometimes memories seem like your own and you might not be certain that they truly existed. For instance, the entire super bowl game I giggled every time I heard the name Sherman.


Because of a memory I had of a doll that I thought only existed in my mind, or in my world. Sharing that memory, I realized that Uncle Sherman, the doll, actually existed. Now, not a doll that a child should have, yet a doll that existed, probably as some twisted joke a friend played on my father. Uncle Sherman was a trench coat wearing doll when you opened the coat he was a flasher. Google Uncle Sherman. I am currently bidding on him on eBay.

I have unleashed my contempt on social media and how it is the demise of letter writing and socialization. Now, I am recanting, to a degree. The lost friends, neighbors, and relatives that collect on social media sites, that reconnect, can spur a memory. Thankful for that. I will write my letter to express my gratitude.

Songs of childhood, songs in general, spin memories within my head. I sang particular songs to each of my children, that I hope and think they will always remember. Some are songs that are past or current hits, and if you are lucky songs created just for your world and those that exist in that world.

I had forgotten about a childhood song, and an old neighbor friend, through social media reminded me. What makes the song even better, is that I had forgotten the song, since it has been awhile in hearing that particular song. Even better was that it was remembered by others.

My father was great at making up silly songs. Some he created and sang for years, others he made up right on the spot. They might never had been top 40 songs, but they were and still are memory worthy songs.

I can’t tell you the tune, if you knew him, you know the tune. I can only share the words, which are in copyrighting works. Enjoy!

“Bo-shy-dell, Bo-shy-dell

we all get together singing Bo-shy-dell

It’s a lovely song…

but you know damn well,

you can’t make a living singing Bo-shy-dell!”

If only I could.

Make a living singing Bo-shy-dell.

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One Response to Bo-shy-dell…

  1. Rita Kirk says:

    I enjoyed the prompt to reminisce of forgotten times in both my childhood and while raising my children. Special moments!

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