Love as though you have no time

At a loss as to what I want to say, what I want to write. So much of my blog has been about remembering and moving forward.

Today I want to remember.

As we get older I am sure we have all commented as to how fast time goes. I know I measure the passing of time in how fast my children are growing.

Remembering their first smiles, the first step, losing the first tooth, all of those first special moments. Watching them grow, the tears welling in my eyes with the love I hold for them.
I look to all the other firsts that I will share, that I hope to share, that I want to share with each of them. I hope to always be there.

I say this as I sit here and remember how wonderful it was growing up in my household. There were the usual ups and downs that any family experiences, much what I experience with my own household today.


It’s something we always take for granted. I know I did. I thought I would always have time.

I thought when I got married my father would walk me down the aisle. When I had my first child I would see him beaming with delight. When I struggled with raising my children he would give me advice. I thought I would always have time.

Today, as with every year on this day, I think about that time. I am sadden always with the time I have lost. My father has now been gone for longer than I have been alive. That’s a lot of time, some of that time was lost in grief.

The time I did have, well that’s the time that really mattered. It was the time that made me, shaped me, enabled me to stand strong today. It is that time that I treasure and that time that carries on through the grand kids that he should have met.

With each of their smiles, their laugh, their love I treasure the time.
What I had was short, but what I had, well I would never change it for any other time.

Louie Behogan came to be because of that time, and he carries on.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love as though you have no time. Love as though it is your last day. Just live and love.

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