practicality of the heart…

Remember how I said the hardest part in keeping a blog is trying to find the humor within my day?

Well, sometimes it is just too easy. Finding the humor in my day.

Tonight the Muppets and the hubby went to the store for their classroom Valentine goodies. They were gone an awful long time. I measured the passing of time by the amount of times the 13-year-old son told me I was unfair for not letting him play on the Xbox.

Rule is no Xbox on school nights. Last time I checked Tuesday was a school night? And I don’t care if there is a possibility of snow delay or cancellation tomorrow!

Well the Muppets returned, pleased with their shopping. Hubby was also pleased with his shopping. He bought a lamp. A little lamp to sit in the corner. He has been fixated on needing a lamp for the last few days. He also bought a bottle of wine. I like that he cast a light on my needs.

As he retreated back to the car, the middle one, always having difficulty in keeping secrets blurts out that hubby bought a vacuum cleaner. Oh good, I thought, we have been needing a new one.

Hubby walks in the house, sets the vacuum cleaner down and says, “Happy Early Valentine’s Day!”

the last vacuum cleaner the elf on the shelf got stuck in.

The last vacuum cleaner we had the elf on the shelf appeared and I was unable to vacuum till he moved. It’s been about a year?

Apparently he has never read a Cosmo magazine strictly stating that you never give a practical gift for Valentine’s Day?

I laugh and say as much, to which he replies, “I would have gotten you a red one, but they were all out.”

Never having been one to really care for Valentine’s Day, I am touched by the gesture.

In return, I am thinking I will open the bottle of red wine, and maybe, just maybe, vacuum the house?

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2 Responses to practicality of the heart…

  1. Françoise says:

    Funny and sweet! Thanks for the warm smile!

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