there is a method to my madness…

This is a follow-up to my post of yesterday, when I became a part of the sucker team.

This may or may not be parenting 101, depends on where you stand on parenting. I stand in the “beat them at their own game stand”, great section, popcorn here. So far, I think, I am winning. At the very least, raising productive, manipulating children.

When I was teaching, my favorite quote to my students was always, “stick with me, there is a method to my madness.”

Really, there always was. A method. Madness is just fun.

Do not think that I rolled over and played dead on a guinea pig. It was a year or so in the making. Truthfully, it started with a rabbit and it was all hubby’s fault that we now have a puppy, and a guinea pig. Sorry, hubby…I cannot tell a lie, and it is my story to tell, you want to combat the truth…start your own blog.

A year ago, child wanted a rabbit. Presentations galore, notes as to why, pictures throughout the house, anywhere you looked was a photo of a rabbit. 2012-07-14 18.36.51

Father and daughter run a race, to which daughter is not running. She is whining and complaining, does not have the faith that she can complete the 5K. Devoting father coaxed her, even carries her until he no longer can, at which point he promises child a rabbit if she will finish the race. Suddenly, child bolts, as fast as she can, smiles abound, she finishes the last yard on her own. Running.

Rabbits do not reside in my home. Outside, I love them, especially when they have a home to go to. I don’t even care if they ruin the grass, I will even plant them a garden. Stay outside, stay warm, stay cared for.

I rectified the situation with responsibility. Promised her a puppy, if she got straight A’s.

Well, straight A’s all around, puppy of choice enters house. Better than a rabbit, sucks when it is cold and I am walking her.

Happiness resounds through the house, rabbit dilemma diverted, child happy with puppy. Good time to note, entire family, plus other dogs, also love puppy.

As time will have, child gains new focus. Guinea pig. Been there, done that. Had a wonderful experience, another story to tell someday. Yet dog of choice that child chose, hunter of vermin.

Enter present day suckers. Child once again, pitches fit, hubby promises a guinea pig. Being, maxed out on dogs, I propose another solution as any recently stay at home mom might do. Help with the chores, and then maybe we shall see.

Child has been cleaning, unloading and re-loading dishes, walking dog, doing laundry, and basically asking for chores for the last few weeks. Yet there was a clause…chores continue if and when guinea pig enters. This is where the sucker becomes the winner.

Enter guinea pig…yesterday.

Tonight. Little one sitting at kitchen counter with me as middle one does the dishes.

She looks at me and asks, “Mommy, did you buy the guinea pig so someone else would do your chores?”

My chores? Five of us live in one household, and suddenly they are MY chores?

My response…”Yes, sweetheart, and I think you owe me since Middle One has been making you do her chores.”

Little one: “Thank you Mommy, what chores can I do for you.”

Ah, there is always a method to my madness.

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2 Responses to there is a method to my madness…

  1. Dugutigui says:

    Kids are great! When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them 🙂

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