behind the name…

The first rule of thumb, from what I have read, is know what you are going to blog about. I knew only Louie Behogan.

2013-12-13 11.34.18-2

To you bloggers and gracious followers, that means nothing. To those that know me, it means life.

Would I be blogging without Louie Behogan?

It’s like what came first? The chicken or the egg, only with an answer. The egg was the chicken, the chicken was Louie Behogan, the hippo was my father, and I was the bird, until I became the hippo.

Evolution of my blog.

I loved getting my letters about Louie Behogan when I was a child. I loved that connection from miles away, loved those stories that bordered on my life and the humor that lay within my life through those I loved.

My blog has been around a fictitious name to which I live behind. I find joy in the stories, because that keeps the memories alive, and I find solace in his name because he keeps the joy in life.

He allows me to live in a joyous nature and raise my children with love and laughter and live on in his memory.

Louie Behogan might be a doll, a toy, a childhood memory. To me he is the keeper of dreams, the memories of souls, the start of new memories, a history to be kept. He is a rambler of stories, a release of emotions, an awakening of sorts.

I share it with you readers, not because I expect to gain. I share it with you to release my soul.  It makes me happy to remember, to live in my crazy life, to record it now, to leave it behind for Louie Behogan’s love to carry on.

Louie Behogan exists within my heart. Shared throughout my life. Exhaled through my writing. A metaphor of sorts, if you don’t know me, but real as the day is long.

So, did I know what my blog was to be about when I started?

Louie Behogan flew away on a hummingbird. Flew to the heavens, leaving me to carry on the ramblings of love.

Even the vault of my closet could not capture the moment of three, it lives on only in memories.

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