what part did you not understand?

I got home last night to realize that a crime had been committed in my house. Well, really not my house, Norman Betta’s house, his actual house. Stolen! Upon further investigation I found a whole school of fish swimming around in another tank and inside that tank was Norman Betta’s house!

notice the TWO houses, one was Norman's.

notice the TWO houses, one was Norman’s.

I knew the people in this house were jealous of my relationship with Norman Betta, but now I am starting to wonder who really is the psycho one?

I give up! I am hibernating. I am taking to my bed!

Got my purple fuzzy blanket, the newspaper, chocolate milk, and dogs all around me.  Photo (3)

The television plays in the background, the morning news. Justin Bieber speeding through his short lived career. Enough already! I am a firm Belieber in changing the channel.

Burt and Ernie will soon be seen jumping rope, and Cookie Monster can only have one cookie a week. C is for crazy! Done reading the paper.

Son is texting me from a sleep over, negotiating time to be picked up. Texted him back and told him to text his dad. I have taken to the bed! He just texted me to pick him up at 10:30? Nobody listens to me in this household! I forwarded his text to hubby.



I have taken to the bed, or at least I am trying to! Just give me one peaceful day!

Why is my daughter not responding to my text of wanting a hot cup of tea brought to me in bed?

Photo (4)The dogs are looking at me, wondering what we are going to do. With grim despair I realize I will not be taking to my bed today. I put on my onesie, yes a one piece sweatsuit, and travel down to the kitchen to make my own tea where the children laugh at my outfit and proclaim me lazy?

I make them unload and reload the dishwasher as I say good morning to Norman.  Photo (6)

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2 Responses to what part did you not understand?

  1. thanks for making me laugh this fine sunday morning…

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