I don’t need anything. Except this…

Since my last post I have gone silent, and not due to lack of ideas or inspiration, but to technology. I jinxed myself on complaining about technology and the technology gods saw fit to punish me by yet another computer crashing on me. Which really was a bit drastic on their part, but I am not taking it personally.

New purchases were made today. A computer, a toilet, and a fish. Trying to decide which one is most exciting?

The computer, obviously, I am figuring out. The toilet currently stands in the living room and the fish is acclimating to the water.

Oh, and the fish is an upgrade, not just a goldfish, but a betta fish, pretty fancy. Believe it or not, I am actually hoping this fish, who I have been calling Norman Betta, makes it past the cat. I will tell you his real name when the children get home from school and overrule me on the fish name. Which really, I am okay with being overruled on deciding the fish name, because small people may not play on my new computer! I will however, let them use the new toilet, even though I am secretly blaming one of them for busting the old toilet.

I keep thinking back to that one scene in the movie ‘The Jerk,’ when Steve Martin is getting ready to leave and he says he does not need anything except for: “The ashtray, the remote control, the paddle game, and this magazine, and the chair.”

Got my computer to keep me busy, watch the fish swim for relaxation, and a toilet which I don’t have to clean. Ah, life is good.

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