family communication, albeit dysfunctional…

I have spent the last 45 minutes fighting with my computer. I blame the computer for the lack of blogging this week, he has not been cooperating with me at all!

Yes, this computer is a ‘he’ cause only a male would pull the same frustrating stunts as this computer has been doing. When I am right in the middle of typing something, suddenly the computer will crash, much the same as having a conversation with a male when football scores pass on the television. Plus, lately this computer has been unable to multi-task, and that is NOT a male skill.

I have been mentioning it to the hubby that I think it is time for a new computer, but he always seems to be watching football? Did I mention that this is not even my computer? My computer crashed hard, so hard, never to be seen again, trying to retrieve my files and photos as we speak, right before the holidays. My writings, my photos, ugh! So, this computer that I work upon now is my old, old computer which now belongs to my children. Sharing a computer is like lending your car to someone. When you get it back your driver seat, your side mirrors, rear view mirror, and radio are all out of whack.

So, it is ironic that I am complaining about how much I am disliking this computer today as so much of my life depends upon technology.

My entire family is hooked up to some sort of technology that enables everyone to stay in touch with each other via phone, text, or email.

For instance, my son the other day texted to inform me that we need to get to the sneaker convention early on Saturday because there is a limited supply of hoodies being sold? Sneaker convention? Thought we were skiing all weekend? Ah, but we are skiing all weekend, just not Saturday when I am to drive son and friends to a sneaker convention. Thanks for the clarification, glad to hear all of this through a text.

I have seen more power point presentations, and received more picture collages from middle daughter as to why she should be allowed to have a guinea pig. Guess the dog she got last year did not fulfill the guinea pig desire?  Photo (10)I do feel bad that my editor, the cat, ate the fish Pickles, but not that bad. Speaking of dog, I better go walk her.

The youngest daughter has a great idea. A virtual cat. Best pet. Ever. Only problem is while she is at school I hear it crying and it makes me feel bad that I don’t know how to feed the poor hungry kitten. Hmm, wonder if there is a virtual guinea pig?

The other day I was texting with hubby to see when he was coming home. He informed me that he was working till 5 and he would be home shortly after. I asked him to hurry home, everyone was especially hungry. As long as traffic was not bad, he replied. Well, he was late coming home from the office. Did I mention he was at his home office?

At last, I am fluttering around again. Feeling frustrated would be my status.

I have been trying to get back to each blog to thank each and every one of you personally, but my computer has not been cooperating. So, thank you, it has been a thrill to see that my twisted mind is being enjoyed in cyberspace. It would be even better if you followed me, told your friends, family, and neighbors to follow me.

Sorry, damn computer again. Sometimes it types what it wants. Always has to have the last word. Hmm…maybe this computer is a ‘she’?

Follow me, you might like the road I take.

getteron crest

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2 Responses to family communication, albeit dysfunctional…

  1. Françoise says:

    Thanks, you make me smile!

  2. Yuko says:

    Can you say, “Mercury Retrograde?!?!?!” Ha, ha, ha!

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