surely you can’t be restless?

I just got back from having coffee with an old boss, who I guess you could also call a friend. We come from two different worlds, yet sometimes it is the colliding of different worlds that form a unique relationship. Anyway, he is always working on some new idea, and currently wanted to discuss a possible way for my working with him in his new venture. He made one comparison that we have in common. What could we possibly have in common I wondered as I sat there picking at the wrapper around my tea-cup. We are restless people he said. Hmm…

In my mind I am humming whatever song that is, by whoever sings it, that starts out with the lyrics, “restless tonight.” Damn it! I really am restless and today I was called out on it, and I even admit to this trait! Now I am going to reflect upon it until something else comes along!

I am a restless individual and after many years of being restless I will own up to my restless nature. I don’t necessarily think it is a bad trait. I like to think it is a trait that only allows me to grow and keep learning everyday. Maybe it is bad in the sense that I am constantly in motion, searching for something?

I would like to think that my restless trait would be an inspirational lesson for my children. Through my restlessness they have watched me attempt new endeavors; relay in a marathon, a 35 mile one day hike, changing of careers. The one thing that I honestly can say is that with all these endeavors, I completed them. That is something to learn from, I hope. I also hope they see that with each of these endeavors, I struggled with the decision and the preparation, yet I persevered.

My daughter one day, using one of her new vocabulary words in proper context called me malcontent while conducting one of many job searches. Maybe? But I would rather be restless than malcontent with life!

As I finish this post, I laugh at a photo which displays harmless restless fun, yet looking at the photo one might envision a malcontent dog. It is all in how you view things.

photo (8)

I have stopped humming the song that I started with at the beginning of this post. I am calm, content, at peace, and comfortable with recognizing myself as a restless individual. I think of Frank Sinatra and I am now humming one of his songs.

“I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn, and a king, I’ve been up and down and over and out and I know one thing. Each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race…That’s life.”

Really it is life, at least it is mine.

Call me what you want, I am restless, just don’t call me Shirley. ;+)

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