the chronicles of the closet…

A cold day, no school for the children, too cold to walk the dogs…what to do?

Why not clean the closet, the vault, the keeper of my past, and I am not referring to weeding out any clothing. I am still hoping overalls will make a comeback.

Honestly, for years I really had no clue what has been lurking in the back of my closet, until today. It was like walking into an episode of ‘This is your life.’ The book that started it all for me, the author that was my first inspiration into a passion for writing, was a diary by none other than Judy Blume. I remembered the book, but thought that it was long gone, left behind when I moved as a child.

Photo (5)

I still remember the day I got this book!

Pretty uneventful writing back in 1982. I just sent a friend of mine a reminder that our anniversary is coming up this month. Apparently, January 11, 1982 coming home from a roller skating party, I got sick in the car and threw up all over my friend. Funny thing is, we have laughed about that day many times, but now we have an actual date to commemorate. Oh, and on April 21, 1982 my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Leifer yelled. That’s it. She yelled. I was quite the suspenseful writer back in the day!

I threw out boxes of old resumes, cover letters, old lesson plans, student teaching evaluations, and I even weaned through some of my photos. Yet, I am still left with boxes filled with my past. I bundled letters from particular people, I categorized photos based on the time in my life,  and I plucked out the stinkbugs that had burrowed in the boxes.

just a portion of my pack ratting.

just a portion of my pack ratting.

My closet is not that big, just a wasted space in a Cape Cod house, where boxes can be shoved and easily forgotten. But, what a prize when found! I have spent the day emailing flashback photos to friends, sharing photos with my children, and reminiscing of long forgotten college photos of when I met my husband and our college friends. My children were amazed at the things I kept. I think even my husband was surprised when he saw that I saved the little notes that he sent with flowers to me, and that was before we were even dating!

I might hate this arctic cold, but I love the motivation it brings, what else to do?

This is what I whittled away

This is what I whittled away

Another upside, I finally found the photo that I was looking for that I mentioned in a previous post, the photo that had me entering into the closet in the first place. Downside is my daughters and their friends wanted to bake cookies, and they wanted to do it on their own. Perfect! I can stay in the closet and get a cookie too! They must have forgotten an ingredient, because the cookies never formed, instead it was one flat layer over the entire cookie sheet, which was not easy to clean. I am still craving a cookie!

When I enter my closet there is no Narnia on the other side, but I can get lost for hours.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis

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  1. Veronica Lee says:

    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

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