and so the story goes…

You know what is interesting, and hard at the same point? When a chapter closes in a book that you were not done reading. So in this book there was an antagonist and a protagonist, yet who was who was conflicted. Each character had it’s fault, and each one had made a mistake based on a misunderstanding. The antagonist, at the time, was the one who made the official mistake. However, the protagonist at the time failed to let the antagonist know of the plans.

The protagonist made a move, which would be the climax of the story, the confrontation at an unwilling time. Yet that protagonist wanted to be heard, despite the cries of the antagonist that it was not a good time. Never the less that protagonist needed to be heard, and as with any story, dialect is key; characters need to express their emotions. However, timing and place can turn events in any story.

Suddenly the antagonist who recognized the mistake apologized realizing how upset the protagonist was when they displayed their emotions. The story escalates as the protagonist made some outlandish comments which in turn spurred the antagonist to respond in defensive mode. Enter another character into the room who was privy to the entire climax of the story, yet not having read the prior chapter.  Antagonist was heightened into defensive mode and responded as such and evicted protagonist from the setting of antagonist home.

In every story there is a climax, and then there is a resolution.

The antagonist attempted a note apologizing and tried to make amends, regardless of the apology that the antagonist felt that they too was owed. The conflict after all was staged at dwelling of antagonist without an invitation.

The response was terse and indicative of anger still within the protagonist heart. This is the twist within the story. The antagonist, who was making attempts, suddenly felt to be the protagonist in how many apologies one can give when not entirely in the wrong.

This book has been closed, unfinished at that, a longing, maybe a want for a conclusion, the story untold.

In fairy tale lands when the going was good the story was great. However, in any good story there are strong characters, good dialect and an inviting setting. While this book has been closed, you can always turn the page.

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