silly putty and play dough…

It’s Friday night after the new year and I am finally writing. The husband has gone skiing, the boy is out with his friends, and the girls are bored. I took them down to the store and bought: Elmer’s Glue, Borax, Vegetable Oil, food dye, and candy. One muppet wanted to make home-made play dough, the other wanted to make home-made silly putty. I said I would buy ingredients, but they are on their own, since I wanted to complete another cover letter for yet another job that I may or may not lack qualifications for.

As I sat at the kitchen counter, writing my cover letter, asking input from a 9 and 10-year-old, watching them destroy my kitchen, I finalized a cover letter. My girls even listened to my rough draft, commenting that I used “I” too much. One muppet even recommended that I get rid of a word and use the word “technology” instead. Honestly, it made sense.

Talk about thinking out of the box.

girls in santa beards

So, I am trying for a different career path. One that says creativity. How are you creative? How do you encourage creativity?  All of that jazz. Hmm, if only they could spend a night in my sticky, blue dyed, kitchen with these free thinking creative gals. They made writing a cover letter fun.


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