Survival of the fittest?

Yes, I have been slacking on my blog, and not for any good reasons. I can’t say I am busy, I don’t have a job. I can’t say I have been gone all day, I don’t have a car. Yet somehow I manage to avoid blogging, basically I am lacking things to write about. Yes, I can always complain, but that bores even me. Plus, I am limited on writing about certain issues since I have this one young amazing follower who is not only reading, but now writing her own incredible stories. That alone in creating this blog was worth it! Maybe I will be raising a writer after all!

So, yesterday I was smiling ear to ear like the Cheshire cat. Another reason this blog has been worth it, if only for my beautiful letter writing friend not to give up on writing a Christmas card. See, she was planning to not send any cards, until she read my blog about the lost art of letter writing, and how much I love her letters. As she wrote me in her letter, I made her happy, so writing me a letter, she set out to make me happy. That is what I love about my friends! Even miles away they make me smile!

Today, I am wondering why I love animals so much? I just had to bathe the two small dogs, filthy beyond belief. The big dog lucked out, since he is too big to get in the bathtub. The cat which managed to escape the house the other day during the snow storm, is lounging on the sofa after his big adventure. He has a cat door that leads him to the garage where he has his own private room to eat and do whatever else he pleases. It is here on occasion that he manages to open the outer door freeing him to the outer world. I am fine with him going out, however, I can’t have that door open all the time. Now if he did his job as a cat, it would not be so bad. As it is, I think he is being bullied by the mouse that has decided to take up residency in the garage. I know he is there, but today I saw him slink away beneath the crap that also takes up space in our garage. Why do I say he is bullying the cat? He eats his food and when he is done he craps in the cat’s food bowl! Now, just last week I had to take the big dog to the vet because the cat gave him a good whack to the face, but he can’t catch this bullying mouse not even half his size?

Ah, my human kids have all gone to school and I would like to relax, yet the canine, and cat kids are so demanding. As I finish to write about really nothing today, I turn to see the cat trying to eat Pickles. Sorry, my darling young writing follower, if Pickles is gone when you get home, chalk it up to writing material.


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