just slow down…

I retreat into the woods for the silence. The quiet, serene surroundings engulf me and suddenly I feel at peace. I can walk for miles; no music, no conversation, no company, no noise.

My dog is my only companion and he runs ahead of me, turning on occasion to make sure I am still coming.

The freshly fallen snow clings to the branches, the quiet sound of the snow crunching beneath my boots, the pain in my lungs as I inhale the frigid air, only increases my relaxed state of mind.

Miles, and miles I hike and only when I see the road that takes me to my car do I start to feel my peaceful state slipping away.

Homework to assist with, dinner to be made, laundry needs to be done, I still don’t have a job, what do I want to do?, need to start my Christmas shopping, might as well go grocery shopping, wonder if the other car is fixed yet?, how much money is in my bank account?, piano lesson tonight, what should I get my children’s teachers for the holidays?, what do I get the children?, my husband? hope the other dog is feeling better, what activity is tomorrow night?, I need to clean the house, I need to make a doctor’s appointment, need to find a sitter for this weekend…trust me it goes on and on and on. Deep breath in, deep breath out, as I unlock the car door, drive, and watch as the woods fade away through my rear view mirror.



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