Write me a letter…

No, I am not referring to an Aerosmith song, I am referring to the long forgotten art of writing a letter.  While I was in my closet of memories, I came across so many old letters. Letters I wrote to friends, letters friends wrote to me, love letters, notes passed in class, cards I saved, postcards, and notes or letters from those who I have cherished.  A lost art form since we have social media, texting, and just a sad loss of socialization. Don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of letting this art form fall to the wayside, but I still miss getting a letter in the mail.

When I was a young child, Louie Behogan was a great source of letters during long summers away from my parents.  Back then it was the anticipation of the mail carrier that made my day. Did I get a letter today? Mind you I was miles away, countries away from my parents, and the only cheap form of communication in those days was a letter. My father wrote some of the greatest letters, ones that I wish I had saved. He was the creator of Louie Behogan’s name. The letters he sent were a continuation of Louie Behogan’s adventures, every week I had to wait for the next one to see what was happening in Louie Behogan’s life.  Much like I awaited the next episode of Breaking Bad or Sons of Anarchy, the same anticipation.

Louie Behogan was with me while the letters were coming. It was the way he traveled, and boy did he travel! If I went away, he was packed within my suitcase, and when my father went away, I packed him in his suitcase. Between my father and I, and my one brother one time, I think Louie has traveled the world.

The stories were always filled with adventures. Louie Behogan was saving the world, his companions were usually whatever animal I had at the time, and there was always a cliffhanger that had me running to the mailbox for the next upcoming story the following week.

I love this time of year because my mailbox is not just filled with bills, flyers, coupons, and unsolicited junk mail. I love to see the holiday cards of friends children’s all dressed up, or their animals, just seeing the whole family. Some of the cards I receive are the only source of communication I might have with that person, and that makes the card all that much more cherished.

I made an early new year’s resolution to write everyday, so far so good. Maybe I will make another resolution, to send more letters besides my once a year holiday cards. Instead of a facebook “Happy Birthday” or a quick text saying “hello” I should just send a card. Oh, and not a store bought card that already has a saying, a homemade card that is from the heart. I have an old friend, not in age but in years of friendship, who always brightens my day when she sends a card in the mail. They are always home made, sometimes a photo of her gorgeous tropical views, or just a witty saying, and they are colorful and artistic just like her.

Done! Another challenge for me in the new year, send more letters.  So friends, if you are reading, don’t be surprised if a random note appears in your mailbox. Oh, and if you don’t get a note, probably means I only have your email address. ;+)


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5 Responses to Write me a letter…

  1. Nickie Brook says:

    I would love to get actual letter in the mail! I miss it too 😦

  2. GAWD, i love you! You totally made me cry with happy. Jeeze, and i wasn’t even really in the mood to go on the computer. See what i may have missed this morning? All fuzzy-n-warm like…   : )   : )   : )   Custom Leatherwork & More

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