May your memories never exceed your dreams…

Went into the deep, dark, depths of my closet, where I keep my journals and mementos, in search of a photo.  About two hours later after sitting in the back of a cramped, cape cod style closet, reading with the flashlight app on my phone, picture not found, I emerged with this quote written on a scrap of paper.  I have a lot of this type of stuff, scraps of paper that any other person would have tossed years ago. It’s all precious forgotten finds to me. I am not sure why I wrote this quote, nor who wrote it, or what was going through my mind at the time of jotting it down.

My closet is a vault of memories.  They are all mine, prior to becoming a wife or a mother. There are journals upon journals about trials and tribulations of teen angst, maturation into a young adult, heartache and loss, unrequited love, old love letters, and dreams. I guess you could say it is my hidden blog in the closet.

Really don’t know why I bring that up, hummingbird state of mind.

So, I guess in trying to set up a blog, which by the way, consumed my day, and I am not sure if much progress was accomplished, sort of inspired me to write again.  Oh, yeah, the closet.  I was looking for photos that would help to explain the significance of my name for my blog.

The photo that I posted yesterday is the infamous Louie Behogan, originally named Louis Van Hogan, but being a young child when first meeting him, my pronunciation was off. Louie Behogan was born. So, there you have it.  The significance of my blog name is my most treasured childhood toy. Not really.

Yes, he is my childhood toy, not a memory, and to this day still sits upon my mantel in the living room. But the significance behind Louie Behogan can never truly be explained, yet he proceeds to move forward with me as I grow and try to achieve my dreams.

What really needs to be explained is why the date on my blog when I post is a day later than what it really is?  Truly sad that it takes me an entire day to realize this!

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2 Responses to May your memories never exceed your dreams…

  1. I coսld not resist commentiոg. Exceptionally
    well written!

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